Understanding Interest and APR

When you're seeking out money to get into business for yourself, you're going to enter a whole new world of numbers. Your loans, mortgages, lines of credit, and credit cards will come with various interest rates and APRs attached, and you'll need to know what all of those numbers mean, or you'll be caught by surprise when you have to start making the payments. It's a good idea to sit down with a financial adviser before you start taking out loans and signing up for credit for your business. You need someone who speaks the language of finance on your side.

Gold Buyer Tips For Beginners


Gold has been an excellent store of value for much of human history. You have a number of ways to add some gold to your holdings, with one of the best methods being to purchase gold coins. Buying gold coins is not an insubstantial investment, so it's best to know as much as possible about the subject before committing yourself to a purchase. Here is a list of some of the most important things to know before buying your gold coins.  


The price of gold is constantly changing in the open market due to supply and demand. The price is based on one ounce of gold and is typically given in United States dollars (USD). Never make a purchase of gold, whether a gold coin or any other type of gold product, without checking the current price per ounce. An important point to note is that the market price of gold is the same throughout the world and will not be affected by the country in which you make your purchase.

Numismatic and Bullion

It's essential to know the difference between numismatic coins and bullion coins before you buy any gold coins. Bullion coins are made to allow people an easy way to invest in gold. They have little or no collector value and their value is based on their gold content. 

Numismatic coins have collector value and are priced based on collector interest. The price you will pay for numismatic coins depends on factors such as rarity, condition, and collector demand. If you are purchasing gold coins strictly as an investment, then bullion coins are probably the better option. If you are interested in collecting rare or historically interesting coins, then numismatic gold coins are a good buy.

Bullion Premium

It's very easy to overpay for bullion coins if you are not an experienced buyer. In addition to knowing the market price of gold at the time you purchase, you also need to understand that you will almost certainly have to pay a premium on the coins. Dealers must make a profit on the gold coins they sell and cannot afford to sell at market price in most instances. 

The premium varies based on various factors. As an example, an American Gold Eagle coin might have a premium of four percent. In this case, your purchase price would be based on the market price per ounce plus a four percent premium.

Numismatic Value

The value of numismatic coins, as stated earlier, depends on the demand from coin collectors. You can find the approximate value of numismatic gold coins on a wide range of gold coin websites.

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13 December 2022