Understanding Interest and APR

When you're seeking out money to get into business for yourself, you're going to enter a whole new world of numbers. Your loans, mortgages, lines of credit, and credit cards will come with various interest rates and APRs attached, and you'll need to know what all of those numbers mean, or you'll be caught by surprise when you have to start making the payments. It's a good idea to sit down with a financial adviser before you start taking out loans and signing up for credit for your business. You need someone who speaks the language of finance on your side.

4 Reasons To Consider An ATM Rental For An Event


If you're starting to plan an event, you may be putting together all of the logistics to get it just right. You'll want to think of any products and services that need to be rented that can help to improve your day. One thing to think about is renting an ATM rental because of the pros it provides to attendees. Consider an ATM rental for an event for the following reasons. 

Make Things More Convenient

Having an ATM rental makes things so much more convenient. Your guests won't have to worry about limiting their spending or wondering whether they have enough cash. All they need to do is spend a few seconds at your ATM to get more money! 

Keep Guests at Your Event Longer

If you have a lot of vendors set up that only accept cash payments, this can be a big issue for those who don't have cash on hand. They may be tempted to leave to get cash or leave altogether since they won't be able to purchase much. When you have an ATM on site, you can keep your guests around longer. This means more money can be made! 

The Rental Company Does All the Work

Another reason to consider renting an ATM is the fact that the rental company does all of the work for you. This means that you won't have to worry about setting it up or delivering the ATM to your event. The team will come and take the ATM away from your event, too. This makes things so much easier for you and it means one less thing for you to worry about.

Fewer Fees for You

Planning an event can be costly. In addition, there are so many operational costs. When you accept credit cards, it can mean you'll pay a lot more in fees. When you have an ATM on site, your guests can use cash to pay for things. This means fewer fees that you end up paying! That can turn your overall profit into a much larger number.

Make sure that you make your life and your guests' lives easier with an ATM rental. It's so easy—all you have to do is pick your event date and the team will do the work for you. Contact an ATM rental company such as Maritech ATM Solutions today to learn more about this great option for your event.


25 March 2018