Understanding Interest and APR

When you're seeking out money to get into business for yourself, you're going to enter a whole new world of numbers. Your loans, mortgages, lines of credit, and credit cards will come with various interest rates and APRs attached, and you'll need to know what all of those numbers mean, or you'll be caught by surprise when you have to start making the payments. It's a good idea to sit down with a financial adviser before you start taking out loans and signing up for credit for your business. You need someone who speaks the language of finance on your side.

Fast Cash Loans To Fill The Gap Between Paychecks

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In today's continually fluctuating economy, more and more individuals are living on less money and playing the "paycheck to paycheck" game in order to stretch funds as long as possible between paydays. With bi-weekly paychecks eating up everything from gas to rental payments, it can be difficult to stay on track, which can unfortunately lead to overdrawn checking accounts and bank fees that only contribute additional stress to the circle of debt. If you are one of many hard-working individuals who is having a hard time making your paycheck last without going into the red, there is financial help available. Fast cash payday loans make it easy for responsible people to obtain the funds they need for emergency expenses, groceries and payments that simply cannot wait until payday. 

What is a Fast Cash Payday Loan?

Fast cash payday loans are cash advances available for individuals on a short-term basis. While specific requirements can vary depending on state regulations, the main difference between payday loans and bank loans is that payday loans are based on an individual's income and ability to repay as opposed to credit. Specific loan amounts depend on the borrower's income and financial situation, as well as the specific lending regulations of the states in which the loans are taken out. Typically, loan amounts range between $50 to $1,000, but rates are subject to change. 

The Loan Process

While specific eligibility criteria can vary, borrowers must typically have recurring sources of income and active checking accounts to qualify for fast cash loans. Borrowers must also be at least 18 years of age and provide valid identification during the application process. Certain lenders may also require additional documentation such as bank statements to verify income or copies of utility bills to verify a borrower's address. Depending on the specific lender, borrowers can usually apply for funds online or apply in person at the lender's storefront location. Once a borrower's income, employment and personal information is verified, the loan is either approved or denied. If approved, the lender provides the borrower with a lending agreement that states the exact loan amount and repayment terms. If the lender charges a finance charge or loan fee on top of the loan amount, this will also be documented on the loan agreement. If you agree to the terms, your loan will be funded either via direct deposit or cash upon receipt of the signed loan agreement. 

When to Repay Your Loan

Fast cash loans are designed to be short-term, which means repayment is usually required on the borrower's next payday. If your loan payment is scheduled to be debited directly from your checking account, it is always a good idea to schedule the debit at least one day following your scheduled direct deposit to prevent overdrafts and insufficient funds charges. Once the loan is repaid, you may be eligible for a new loan. 

Quick Cash Solutions

Many people in today's world need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to juggling finances and paying important bills on time. While quick cash loans are not designed to provide a long-term solution to all of your financial needs, they are an ideal short-term solution that help responsible borrowers take care of their immediate monetary obligations. 

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6 August 2015